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You’d be right to be skeptical of “new” techniques or hyped-up methods of achieving your weight loss goals. In this day and age, there’s SO MUCH information flying at us that anyone would be confused about where to turn…

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You see, everyone at “Fit40” has been there and knows how hard it is to really lose weight, and how much other people don’t understand that some of us just have a harder time than others… That’s why we’ve put together the “Fit40 Newsletter”… A newsletter created for ladies in the mid-stages of their life, to answer those difficult fat-burning questions that come up every day.

The Fit40 Newsletter is your trusted guide on making the healthiest, easiest, quickest, and most enjoyable weight loss decisions you could imagine. It’s chock-full of simple, yet overlooked tips & tricks that’ll have your friends wondering what the hell happened to you and begging you to share your new-found knowledge with them. It’ll also make your weight loss journey a joy instead of a slow, confusing, and overwhelming uphill struggle.

Everyone loves to be taken by the hand and shown EXACTLY what works specifically for them and what doesn’t, right? It cuts out the long and drawn out process of trial and error that everyone hates, and opens up more time to spend on relaxing after a hard day, or your family.

Perhaps the best way to describe the Fit40 Newsletter to you is by showing you the kind of the articles it prints:

  • 5 little-known reasons you may not be losing weight & how to fix this
  • Why do women lose weight at a slower rate? (Yes, it’s true!)
  • Does your body store more fat during cold weather?
  • The secret way to find out the best time to work out
  • 4 methods to smash through a weight loss plateau
  • Why exercise alone may not be enough to lose weight
  • 4 fun ways to exercise despite a busy schedule (we’ve all been there, right?)
  • 8 very important foods for weight loss
  • 7 ways to motivate yourself to keep going through those rough periods
  • Using self-hypnosis for better weight management
  • 5 simple diet tweaks that work miracles
  • … and MANY more tips & articles!


As you can see, the Fit40 Newsletter is a reliable, trustworthy, and no B.S. weight loss mentor. In fact, every tip, trick, and piece of advice is first reviewed by a team of seasoned nutritionists and personal trainers with over a decade’s worth of female success stories! So you know you’re basically stealing the most reliable and up-to-date weight loss shortcuts for less than the price of a sandwich!

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